Wednesday, December 29, 2010


So here we go...I'm off to start a "New Thing" this year.  I want to dig a little deeper in my daily walk with God.  I read how Beth Moore is doing a Bible Memory Blog for 6,000+ women and I thought I could do that with my family and friends.  So here it is!!  We are going to start JANUARY 1, 2011, with 24 Scriptures Memorized by DECEMBER 31, 2011. 

Here is what Aunt Debbie & I thought...Since time is so tight, Beth Moore wanted us to post by 8 AM on the 1st & 15th of every month, I figured by midnight of the 1st & 15th we could have our Scripture posted on this BLOG!! I know many ladies use many different versions of the Bible, so we would like you to post your ONE verse and the version you use.  That's all we have to do...AND if you have a prayer request you would like to share with us for that 2 week period feel free to post that as well.

We want to be connected and feel a unity amongst this new group.  We all come from different backgrounds, religions, and cultures, so please lets come together and truly BECOME sisters.  We do have one thing in common...We are all Christians!! We are all DAUGHTERS OF THE KING!!!

I am so very excited that you want to join us in becoming...You say, "Becoming what?"  Becoming a friend, becoming a better Christian, becoming a support, becoming what God calls us to become!!!

Don't give up!  Don't get discouraged! Don't worry!  If you forget to post, or forget to memorize a Scripture for the two weeks.  JUMP BACK IN!!  We are here, we are all in the same boat, family, work, sports, cleaning, running errands, etc.  That's our lives!! WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER! 

Our first post will be JANUARY 1, 2011!!  Will you join us? 

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